A journey of self-discovery
mind, body and soul

Established in 2013, STREST is committed to helping people heal: mind, body and soul. STREST assists clients in reducing the effects of stress, loss and trauma without diagnosis through Applied Metapsychology (AMP), Energy Therapy and Mind Strategy.

STREST techniques empower clients by reducing negative thinking and examining limiting beliefs. Clients are provided methodologies to decrease the charge of trauma exposures and face their fears. STREST educates clients on the toxicity of unprocessed emotions and assists clients on realigning with their true authentic self.

STREST offers individualized sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of those impacted by distress, loss, and/or trauma. Our clients can gain clarity, insight and understanding through the examination of repeated patterns, oftentimes generational, and the identification of any overall themes in which feelings have become magnified and intensified. We utilize a person-centered approach and aim to reduce the negative charge, or heaviness, associated with life experiences. We provide educational services that aid the client in achieving balance, confidence and freedom.

STREST facilitators highlight resiliency factors, accentuate the power of the mind, emphasize self-awareness and encourage clients to assess their reactions, responses and coping mechanisms to life’s challenges. We desire to strengthen our clients’ perception of self-value and self-worth which will allow opportunities for personal growth and success. We are immensely grateful to be able to offer services to our clients and we would be honored to assist you on your path forward.

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STREST offers a variety of healing modalities to include: Life Stress Reduction, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Rapid Memory Healing, Reiki, and Mind Strategy.

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At STREST, we empower our clients from the point of consultation. Clients determine the frequency of visits based on their own needs.



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If you are looking for something different than the traditional therapist then Christine is for you. She fosters a positive upbeat safe environment and I always leave feeling uplifted even after hitting some really hard topics. She is all about making this work for you which is great. We need to heal so that we can live our best lives and she is wonderful at being your guide along that path. 

Christine is the real deal! Very knowledgeable and so kind. She is able to help you make the connections from past traumatic experiences. She then provides tools to begin the healing process.

Since working with Christine I have made so much progress in my personal and professional life. In just a little over a year I have found confidence in my work and myself. I’ve healed past trauma and have the skills to address triggers head-on.

In addition to all this, I started doing card readings with Christine and attribute my pregnancy success to one of our readings. A card was pulled that led Christine to ask me if I was pregnant. I had suffered a few miscarriages and wasn’t really trying, so this was unexpected. On the way home I stopped to buy a test just in case, and it was positive! Because I detected the pregnancy so early I was able to seek care within 3 weeks of getting pregnant, and was able to monitor my hormone levels. I quickly got on hormone therapy, due to low progesterone, and just carried a full term, healthy baby boy to 41 weeks! If I hadn’t had my session with Christine I truly believe we would have suffered another loss. Christine has helped me make all of this possible! I would not be in the place I am today if it were not for her.