Applied Metapsychology is a science which unifies emotional (feelings), mental (mindset), physical (body), and religious/spiritual (beliefs) experiences and perceptions.

Everything is connected.

It is normal to experience situational depression and anxiety, so, no diagnoses are provided.

STREST has found misdiagnoses, attachment to labels, and incorrect beliefs have:

*Prevented Care
*Enabled Isolation
* Hampered Progress
*Created Victim Mentality
*Restricted Life

Individual perspectives, experiences and traumatic incidents are identified, acknowledged, and examined.

A visual culmination of all that has happened permits the client to lean into acceptance.

A Distress and Interest Scale Rating Chart allows the client to choose which incidents to unblock and process.

Patterns are uncovered and lessons integrated.

Education is delivered.

Individual sessions are offered for Life Stress Reduction, Traumatic Incident Reduction and Future Traumatic Incident Reduction.

Confidential sessions are offered in a safe environment.