Frequently Asked Questions

What is Applied Metapsychology?2022-01-26T15:39:20-05:00

Applied Metapsychology focuses on the client’s experience. These structured techniques are person-centered and allow the client to examine beliefs, behaviors, emotions, thought patterns, stressors, losses and traumas with the goal to reduce the heaviness or charge attached to each experience.

What is Reiki?2022-01-26T15:39:44-05:00

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that promotes health and wellness.

What is Integrated Energy Therapy®2022-01-26T15:41:21-05:00

Integrated Energy Therapy assists in the removal of toxicity within the cells of the body.

Do you accept insurance?2022-01-26T15:41:45-05:00

STREST, LLC chooses not to label or diagnose clients as we all have “stuff”. As we do not diagnose or code, we cannot bill insurance.

What is your rate?2022-08-31T15:18:50-04:00

The current rate per session is $125 per hour.

What is the difference between STREST, LLC and a Licensed Professional Counselor?2022-01-26T15:42:47-05:00

STREST facilitators act as educators.

What is Rapid Memory Healing?2022-06-01T12:52:43-04:00

Rapid Memory Healing is a neurotransmitter diffusion technique that may reduce the charge or heaviness of a trauma exposure.

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