Physiotherapy is effective in the prevention and treatment of injuries, both emotional and physical. Interventions and services to include energy healing assist in proactive and restorative efforts for equanimity. Movement Telesis, a directive progressive approach, may assist in the re-integration of the Moro Reflex, fight or flight response, and the Fear Paralysis (FP) Reflex, the freeze response. Both reflexes may partially disconnect with the experience of one or more trauma exposures, especially when emotions are forgotten, ignored, or unprocessed, and may lead to a dysregulated nervous system. Options exist, please review our Fusion Session and Stress, Loss and Trauma Individual Session descriptions, when additional concerns arise such as: perceived fears, distrust, detachment, hyper startle response state and/or a hyperbaric state (magnification and intensification of feelings). Methodologies to re-integrate the reflexes through exercise and/or processing of retained and repetitive feelings are available.

STREST is pleased to offer energy healing techniques and purification processes to include Rapid Memory Healing and Reiki. Energy healing sessions promote health and wellness while clearing toxins and blockages within the body.

Rapid Memory Healing (RMH) is a neurotransmitter diffusion technique focused on the hands. RMH therapy can reduce the weighted mass or negative charge attached to a single trauma exposure or a cyclical thematic traumatic pattern. The RMH procedure suggests the client stand while recalling sensory memories silently. The client will utilize selective retentive perception (unconscious long-term memory) to access echoic memory (auditory), iconic memory (visual), and haptic memory (emotional and physical feeling). The RMH process may include several progressions for effective release.

Reiki is a healing technique that assists in the attainment of a state of equilibrium and the release of toxins (unprocessed emotions) within the cells of the body. Sensory modalities to include temperature, vibration, and light are observed and infusion ensues, where deemed appropriate. Intuitive and tactile perception allow for effective treatments.

Please visit our YouTube channel, specifically the link provided below, to learn about Reiki, a healing therapy, and health benefits of this modality.


Please note all of our Energy Healing Sessions, including Movement Telesis, will require an in-person session.