mind strategy

Mind Strategy™

As a former Strategic Planning Consultant, trained in Positive Leadership, and armed with a M.Ed., master’s in education (Community Agency Counseling), clients and athletes are supported and encouraged, equipped with education, and assisted in the development of mechanisms to reclaim power and reach maximum potential.

Mind Strategy™ Sessions allow clients to acknowledge, identify and examine negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and fears. Honest appraisals will yield positive results.

To alleviate mind confusion, effective connective communication, clarification for correct interpretation, and verification comprehension will lessen the potential negative impact on one’s mind narrative. Perceptions will vary and be influenced by life experiences unique to each person. For clear vision of the mind, there is a need to evaluate cognitive, emotional, and intuitive reactions and responses from multiple perspectives. As in everything, with practice, successful connective communication, with self and others, will build a stable relationship foundation.

Mind Strategy™ for Athletes

Mind Strategy™ for Athletes prioritizes mindset, pre and post injury, and anticipatory fears related to re-injury, wrong indications (i.e. coaches, for example, may have issued criticisms and the athlete may/may not have personalized, assumed, or attached a meaning which was not the intent), performance pressure (i.e. self/parent/sibling/teammate), competitive comparison (i.e. focus on statistics or time opposed to focus on game), influential impact (i.e. persuasion regarding a specific sport and/or college, especially for athletes who play two or more sports) and life alignment.

Mind Strategy™ for Weight Loss

Mind Strategy™ for Weight Loss prioritizes the acknowledgement, identification and examination of impactful emotions, food triggers, stigma surrounding weight, influential programming, judgmental connection to self and physical worthiness and value based on the client’s perception, definitions and experiences.

*Please note Mind Strategy™ Sessions, as defined above, have been solely and uniquely created by STREST and any duplication of specific services, as offered by STREST, by another business or company is prohibited.