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Christine Langley-Obaugh, Founder of STREST, established in 2013, whereby clients are served and supported as they embark on an introspective journey to reflect, heal, and integrate mind, body, and soul. STREST provides stress, loss, and trauma reduction services without diagnosis through Applied Metapsychology (AMP), Rapid Memory Healing (RMH), Reiki and Mind Strategy. Christine holds a Master’s in Education, Community Agency Counseling, as well as a certificate in Positive Leadership from George Mason University. Ms. Langley-Obaugh is a Certified Mediator with the Supreme Court of Virginia and a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Ms. Langley-Obaugh founded Huckleberry Alliance, Incorporated, a non-profit organization for fatherless teenagers, and is currently working on the research and development of a healing and balancing device through OLIO Enterprises.

Revelation: The Mystery of Faith

Revelation: The Mystery of Faith May 25, 2023 In the Bible, Revelation 13:11, the dragon bestowed his power and false beliefs onto the beast. Throughout the Bible, we are encouraged to walk a spiritual journey, seeking truth and clarity [...]

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Rectification Continuum

Rectification Continuum March 3, 2023 The “Rectification Continuum”, a self-determinant scale of “Neuroperceptivity”, a visual paradigm; an autonomous process with an intention to amplify conversion of true self via purification process of persistent identification retrieval. The Psychological Continuum Model [...]

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Antithetical Validation Theory

Antithetical Validation Theory March 13, 2023 Antithetical Validation Theory Insouciance: 1.       God 2.       Immoral 3.       Inauthentic 4.       Separation Unity Justice Transformation: 1.       Antithetical Consciousness 2.       Integration Unification

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To achieve awareness is to achieve consciousness. To be in a state of flux is to be in a state of conformity. To understand perspective is to understand connection. To educate is to enlighten. To realize truth is to realize [...]

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Black Hole

“As above, so below”. Light propels darkness. Perspective. Duality exists. Identification. Interpretation. Contiguity. Liberation. Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed. Founder of STREST strestllc.com

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Encircle shadow to refine autonomy. Discernment of moral purity. Perception of reality. Integrate truth. Instinct of conscience. Master redemption. Choice rules peace. Deliverance. Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed. Founder of STREST strestllc.com        

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Introspective appraisal. Query to establish loyalty. Inferences convey disorder. Segregation generates disharmony. Presumption of worth can penalize. Involve reflective observation. Inspect hidden motives. Allegiance to self. Integrity. Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed. Founder of STREST strestllc.com

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