friday meme

The 6th day of the week using the Sunday-first convention is Friday. Friday is named after the Goddess of love and music, Freya. The planet that rules Friday is Venus and the astronomical symbol for Venus is the female symbol. Venus rules love and prosperity.

In Norse mythology, Freya wears a falcon cloak. The spiritual meaning of falcon is about awakening the mind and transformation. The falcon can also represent freedom and vision. In Christian symbolism, a wild falcon means a materialistic and unconverted soul; one who sins and has sinful thoughts.

Everything has a positive and a negative aspect, including numbers. If we look at the number 6, it can signify harmony and balance, but also imperfection. The Latin for “six” is “sex”. Think about that…

The number 13 in numerology becomes a four. Four’s are about safety, security and stability. A four also signifies mastery over the material realm. Wikipedia reveals 4’s are linked to the cross; whereby dividing lines intersect.

It is true that the 13th card in the tarot deck is death, but it’s all about interpretation. Death can signify change, transformation and rebirth. In fact, the Masons believed the number 13 was one of good fortune.

According to Cayelin Castell who wrote “The Magic of the Number Thirteen” (linked below), the number 13 represents the return of the Divine Feminine. She points out that some say 13 is associated with ascension, oneness and unity.

It is unfortunate that this day to be celebrated has become one to be feared. Ironically, 13 symbolizes death to a matter, perhaps death to a way of thinking. Let’s change the script. Let’s challenge old beliefs that just aren’t true. Let’s take our power back.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed.
Founder of STREST™