Project Description

Antithetical Validation Theory

March 13, 2023

Antithetical Validation Theory


1.       God

2.       Immoral

3.       Inauthentic

4.       Separation

Unity Justice Transformation:

1.       Antithetical Consciousness

2.       Integration Unification


  • Christine

    Christine Langley-Obaugh, Founder of STREST™, established in 2013, whereby clients are served and supported as they embark on an introspective journey to reflect, heal, and integrate mind, body, and soul. STREST™ provides stress, loss, and trauma reduction services without diagnosis through Applied Metapsychology (AMP), Rapid Memory Healing (RMH), Reiki and Mind Strategy™. Christine holds a Master’s in Education, Community Agency Counseling, as well as a certificate in Positive Leadership from George Mason University. Ms. Langley-Obaugh is a Certified Mediator with the Supreme Court of Virginia and a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Ms. Langley-Obaugh founded Huckleberry Alliance, Incorporated, a non-profit organization for fatherless teenagers, and is currently working on the research and development of a healing and balancing device through OLIO Enterprises.