Project Description

Rectification Continuum

March 3, 2023

The “Rectification Continuum”, a self-determinant scale of “Neuroperceptivity”, a visual paradigm; an autonomous process with an intention to amplify conversion of true self via purification process of persistent identification retrieval.

The Psychological Continuum Model (PCM), Funk and James,is the precedent by which the Rectification Continuum has been constructed.

The Rectification Continuum validates the achievement of conscious awareness through evolutionary integers. The continuum highlights stages based on the following:

1-      Connection

2-      Intention

3-      Entanglement

4-      Impact

For purposes of this continuum, careful deliberations should not be regulated, specifically relative to an element characterized as the“Dominant Allegiance Persuasion”, the antithesis of “Natural Selection”.

The evolution of true self is influenced through a series of choices known as determinants. The “Experience Determinants” realized are as follows:

1-      Perception

2-      Mind Narrative

3-      Reaction

Regarding perception, the “Neuroperceptivity Filter” is in jeopardy once distorted or obstructed. Thus, rectification measures are suggested.

Drawing upon the Cognitive Continuum Theory(CCT), Hammond et al., the mind narrative connects concepts and choice.

Variables indicated may include impact of conveyance, meaning of interpretation and relational interference.

The adoption of a “Mind Narrative Receptacle” precludes discernment and filtered cognitions establish a cache.

Influential factors can be deemed “Generative Fragments”, “Critical Liabilities”, and “Amoral Errors”.

A “Non-restrictive Disturbance” reaction may be viewed as an emotional eruption of unprocessed feelings.

Unconscious choice based on stress, loss, and trauma, recognized and unrecognized, may result in“Hyper-reflective Exhibition”.

Static and recurring sets may persist in the course of uncertainty and scarcity.“Predeterminable Extensions”may cause burdens.

A status of independence through“Inamassable Identification” can be secured. A secondary option follows that of a“Debridement Peel”.


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Hammond, K. R., McClelland, G. H., and Mumpower, J. (1980). Human Judgement and Design Making. New York.


  • Christine

    Christine Langley-Obaugh, Founder of STREST™, established in 2013, whereby clients are served and supported as they embark on an introspective journey to reflect, heal, and integrate mind, body, and soul. STREST™ provides stress, loss, and trauma reduction services without diagnosis through Applied Metapsychology (AMP), Rapid Memory Healing (RMH), Reiki and Mind Strategy™. Christine holds a Master’s in Education, Community Agency Counseling, as well as a certificate in Positive Leadership from George Mason University. Ms. Langley-Obaugh is a Certified Mediator with the Supreme Court of Virginia and a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Ms. Langley-Obaugh founded Huckleberry Alliance, Incorporated, a non-profit organization for fatherless teenagers, and is currently working on the research and development of a healing and balancing device through OLIO Enterprises.