The law of polarity. Duality. Two opposing forces. The impact of imbalance. When you choose to ignore or silence one side, the louder it becomes.



Our culture, belief systems, and thoughts have influenced us into a state of conformity. When we conform, we judge. If we don’t conform, we think we risk rejection. But the continued process of trying to keep two sides separate has forced us to become stagnant.

Change your perception.

Everything connects. We can assign different meanings to situations – something we term as an obstacle could actually be viewed as an opportunity. A difficult time could lead to a path of self-discovery. A challenge could be a chance to learn and grow.


Combined, all polarities work together in harmony. In reality, unification is necessary.

Explore emotions. Don’t disown who you are. What we once thought of as self-preservation or self-protection has led to self-sabotage preventing us from achieving life fulfillment.

Connect to self. Feel your feelings. Quiet your mind. Listen. Develop your intuition. Learn empathy and gain understanding.

Acceptance leads to more genuine, confident, and stable relationships. Feeling safe and calm within will produce relationships of the same.


It has definitely been a difficult journey. A tough fight. One full of fear and anger. One full of negative self-talk. One where we held self-doubt. One where we didn’t know our value, so we settled. One where we kept looking externally for answers when the answers were within us all along.

So many scars and wounds…

But, life is not a battleground.

The simple truth is: what we fear, we cover.

It’s time to take our armor off and lay our sword down. All of that extra protection has been a burden and has not allowed us to be truly seen. It’s time to live less guarded. It’s time to live authentically.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed.
Founder of STREST™

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