new year

In 2023, we will need to adapt to a compassionate way of being. Given the adjustments we have had to make over the last several years, a modified communication style is necessary. To avoid a continuation of unhealthy patterns, we must take responsibility for the impact we have on others. Our words matter.

Conflict will persist when resolution is avoided. We must take ownership of the status of our relationships. A prioritization of partnerships must take precedence. Support, encouragement, and inspiration are standards in relationship dynamics. We are worthy of receiving.

Ask for what you want. Be honest. Share your expectations and needs effectively. Have more conversations. Strengthen resilience by being present. Water the seeds that have been planted.

Through nourishment there is growth. An investment of time will yield the same. Give, but do not over give. Develop boundaries that support your independence. Allow peace.

Align with your authentic self without apology. No need to justify, defend, or explain your stance. Remain free of judgement from self and others. Comparisons will not be allowable. Confusion will not be acceptable.

Clarity. Seek answers. Gain insight. Raise your conscious awareness.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed.
Founder of STREST™