Time is the best gift you can give. This holiday season ensure you are gifting your friends and family yourself. Over the last several years we have isolated, although forced at first, we have come to the end of this cycle.

We have reached a culmination point whereby we must reprioritize. Our relationships have never gone through the transformational process that is currently occurring.

Generation after generation we have done what others wanted us to do. A change is necessary. We must first look internally as to what we need. External validation will no longer sustain us nor lead to life fulfillment.

Self-love will yield stable relationships. A decision to nourish our relationships will yield long-lasting relationships. It is through nourishment, including compassion, that we learn to understand one another on a deeper level.

The establishment of connections is what we are here to do. By listening to one another’s experiences, we can gain wisdom. When we discontinue doing the same thing over and over, we learn the lesson.

Remove the distractions. Invest in your loved ones. Learn. Teach. Laugh. Cry. Appreciate the moment. The moment is the present.

Happy Holidays.

Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed.
Founder of STREST™