Time is the best gift you can give. This holiday season ensure you are gifting your friends and family yourself. Over the last several years we have isolated, although forced at first, we have come to the end of this [...]

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Evolution of Self

Upon making a decision to change, we find the courage to face ourselves. Honesty is necessary. We must choose to grow. A periodic review of self will determine if we remain in our comfort zone. Life, in general, teaches [...]

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Victim Versus Victor

According to, when one examines the root word “victim”, we find a person greatly injured or made to suffer. Likewise, when one draws their attention to the root word “victor”, we find a person who overcomes. In this [...]

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I was a Narcissist

When I was seventeen, it was time to go off to college. I was scared, angry and lacking emotional maturity. I had been independent. It felt as if I had been on my own for years. The uncertainty before [...]

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Choices. Decisions. Overcoming ego. Balance. Harmony. In the year of 2022, judgement, and the year of the divine feminine. Most people are terrified of the number 666. Not, I. Interestingly, in numerology, 2022 is deemed a 6 as the [...]

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The Rainbow Prophecy

A legend exists, a Cree (inhabitants of the Americas before the arrival of the European settlers)prophecy whereby a time of crisis will occur on the planet and all people will come together in unity, sparked by an awakening, to [...]

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Rules for 2022

-          ALIGN with what you want. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE. ADJUST, as needed. Be AUTHENTIC. Do not make ASSUMPTIONS – ASK questions. ACCEPT others. Repeat positive AFFIRMATIONS. Stop the AVOIDANCE coping mechanism.Say goodbye to ADDICTIONS. ASCEND. -          BREATHE. Stay BALANCED. Be [...]

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What We Fear, We Cover

The 6th day of the week using the Sunday-first convention is Friday. Friday is named after the Goddess of love and music, Freya. The planet that rules Friday is Venus and the astronomical symbol for Venus is the female [...]

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Feel Your Feelings

Feel your feelings. One way to decrease anxiety is to acknowledge how you feel. Name the emotion. For generations, we were taught certain feelings were bad or negative so, we learned to suppress and ignore them. Fear of judgement [...]

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